Group structure & Corporate governance


Mr. LIN Shengjie

is the Vice President of Guangzhou head office in charge of all general finance operations in the PRC. Mr. LIN is a Bachelor's Degree graduate in finance and accountancy of Guangdong University of Finance & Economics(广东财经大学)(formerly known as Guangdong University of Business Studies (广东商学院) and has over 27 years of working experience in the finance and accounting operations in property development, direct investment in the PRC, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Mr. XIE Xiaohua

is the Vice President of Guangzhou head office in charge of general project management, costing and coordinate the operations of projects. Mr. XIE graduated from Sun Yat-sen University(中山大学) with a Doctor's Degree in Science and holds a senior engineer certificate for geotechnical engineering. He has over 23 years of working experience in the area of engineering management in overall project development.

Mr. ZENG Fanyou

is the Vice President of Guangzhou head office in charge of youth community project, sales and marketing management. Mr. ZENG graduated from Henan University School of Economics 河南财经学院with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and holds a Project Management Professional certificate. He has 17 years of working experience in property sales and marketing in the PRC, working for Zhu Jiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and New World China Land Limited in the past.

Mr. TAN Yongqiang

is the Vice President of Guangzhou head office in charge of city development business that focus on the urban renewal projects in Guangzhou and administrative affairs at the Guangzhou head office. Mr. CHEN graduated from South China University of Technology (华南理工大学) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Civil Construction. He is also a postgraduate in Business Administration from Western Sydney University. Mr. TAN has over 201years of working experience in the area of project management and has worked in large-scale group in the PRC such as Yuexiu Group (越秀集团).


Ms. CHEUNG Lin Shun

joined the Company in March 2005 and has been the Company Secretary of the Company since then. Ms. CHEUNG is also the Vice President in charge of all finance affairs at the corporate level of the Group. Ms. CHEUNG is a professional qualified accountant in Hong Kong. She holds a Master's Degree in Professional Accountancy awarded by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Ms. CHEUNG is a fellow member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the United Kingdom. She has over 32 years of experience in auditing, corporate secretarial, accounting and corporate finance obtained from an international accounting firm and a number of listed companies in Hong Kong.